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Terms of Services

While Cheap Cabs will try to transport you in accordance with the time and date of your specified booking, it does not guarantee it will be able to do so. Delays may happen for a range of reasons, including but not limited to traffic congestion, weather, high demand etc.

Cheap Cabs excludes any financial liability (to the extent permitted by law) for any costs or expenses incurred by the customer as a result of failure to reach any destination or schedule on time. It is the customers’ responsibility when making a booking to allow adequate extra time for unforeseen delays.

Customers are required to contact Cheap Cabs/(driver for after hours Bookings) within 5 minutes of their scheduled pick up time if their vehicle has not arrived.

Baggage must not be oversized, unless prior approval for carriage of oversized luggage has been arranged with Cheap Cabs.

Waiting time - Waiting time of 60c per minute will be charged;

To bookings to the airport 5 minutes after scheduled the pickup time.

Bookings from Auckland domestic terminal 30 minutes after the flight arrival time or 5 minutes after the scheduled pick up time. (whichever is the later time)

Bookings from Auckland International terminal 60 minutes after the flight arrival time or 5 minutes after the scheduled pick up time. (whichever is the later time)

Booking cancellations must be received 2 hours before the scheduled pick up time or the full quoted price will be payable by the customer named on the booking. Failure to pay any overdue amount will result to the debt being passed to a debt collecting agency and will incur debt collecting costs. Bookings maybe cancelled by replying to your booking conformation, nzcontactus22@gmail.com or calling (09) 529 1000 between 5am to 6pm (operator dispatch hours) 

All claims against Cheap Cabs carry a maximum liability of $200.00.

Cheap Cabs will transfer bookings to another taxi/shuttle company should it be unable to fulfil the customers transportation requirements and will only be liable for the difference in the fare charged by the substituted tax/shuttle company (receipt required) and any set price fare quoted by Cheap Cabs. Claims should be made via email at nzcontactus22@gmail.com

Parking charges (excluding Airport parking fees) and Road Tolls incurred to pick up/drop off customers will be payable by the customer on top of the quoted fare. Airport Parking fees are included in the quoted price.

Complaints:  All complaints regarding fare pricing or customer service should be made via email at nzcontactus22@gmail.com.

Serious Complaints, or complaints of a criminal nature, should be reported to the NZ Police.

Complaints can also be made to:

N.Z Transport Agency
Private Bag 106-602
Downtown, Auckland

Cheap Cabs  makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any material on this website