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*For travel at non-peak times with no delays. We suggest allowing an extra 15 minutes at non-peak times for heavier than normal traffic and at least doubling the time estimate for travel in peak times.
**Bookings picked up between midnight and 3.29am incur a surcharge fee of $20.00
If you do not receive a confirmation email. Please contact us, via the contact us page and quote the booking reference number.
Bookings After 9pm to 7am must be booked before 9pm the previous day.
Driver accepts cash and eftpos payments ( $2 eftpos transaction fee applies).
4 or more checked luggage may change the quote if a larger vehicle is required.
I have read Terms & Conditions. I have read Auckland Taxi Vans Terms & Conditions. Understood and accept the terms and conditions.
Return booking available after completing your booking